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Adapting to contemporary settings

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Revisited, vintage “papiers peints” can be creatively introduced into contemporary settings.

Totally adaptable to all interior spaces, these papers bring an illusion of volume, perspective and light, often transforming a small or dark room.
No longer handled as a full décor on all 4 walls, 1 panel on 1 wall, hung like a painting, can set the tone for the decorating.

Also, contrary to general impression, these vintage papers are not fragile or ephemeral, because of the quality of the old materials used
(rag papers rich in fiber and natural mineral pigments).
When needed, limited restoration by qualified conservators can bring them back to life for another few centuries!
Today, interior designers can adapt these vintage papers in many different ways by integrating them to other style elements, playing with patterns, colors, textures.
Thus, taken out of their traditional context, these “papiers peints” no longer appear old-fashion.
Transcending time and space, they give a room originality and elegance, with a touch of fantasy.

Through these imaginary decors one is introduced into the dreamlike atmosphere and magical world of “Papiers Peints”.