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Jardins Anglais

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« English Garden » formerly known as « Jardin de Bagatelle » *
Joseph Dufour Manufacture, Mâcon, dated before 1804, circa 1802-1803
Designer : Pierre-Antoine Mongin inspired by the engravings of Louis-Philibert Debucourt.

This décor is one of the first wallpaper landscapes rendered in continuous scenes and considered a precursor of the scenic panoramique.

Inspired by imaginary or real gardens, as the Ile aux Peupliers at Ermenonville, favourite place of J-J. Rousseau, the Chinese bridge of the Comte d’Artois at Bagatelle, the stone column from Cassan park at l’Isle Adam ,the circular temple at the Petit Trianon and the statue of Diana at Versailles and the Tuileries gardens.

This theme reflects the taste of the day for English gardens.
The figures are dressed in the fashion of the Consulat and Directoire periods, as in the engravings of Debucourt.

Wood-block printed in 7 colors on laid joined papers, hand-brushed background in pale blue.
The ensemble permits a total flexibility for mounting on walls, it is presently lined on canvas and 4 stretchers.
W. 5’2’’ H. 6’1’’ (W. 1,61 – H 1,87m) each stretcher – Total linear length: 21’ x 6’1’’ (W. 6,44m H. 1,87m)

This set is particularly rare, the only one known to this day never hung and in perfect condition, and complete.

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