Fetes de la Grèce et Jeux Olympiques

Fetes de la Grèce et Jeux Olympiques, scenic panoramic in grisaille and sepia, wood-block printed by Joseph Dufour, 1818, Paris, France, original edition.
(a later edition was printed by Desfossé & Karth, mid-late XIX).
Designer unknown.

12 of 30 strips: 4 Scenes:
-Celebration of Bacchus, God of Wine H 1,92m x 2,05m
-Temple of Jupiter and boats parading on the river
H 1.92m x 2.33m
-Musicians celebrating Homer H 1,92m x 1,13m
-Scene Celebrating Ceres, Dedicated to Fertility H 1,92m x 94 cm

Papers cleaned, retouching of certain areas
Lined on Japan paper and polyester backing, mounted on stretchers.
Condition stable.