Jardins de Bagatelle – Jardins Anglais

Height 1,51m (4ft10in with frame)

Width (from left to right) 1,06m, 1,67m and 1,06m (3ft5in, 5ft5in and 3ft5in)

3 panels from this early décor by Joseph Dufour, designed by Pierre-Antoine Mongin, ca. 1800-04, Macon, France.
Known under the names of Jardins de Bagatelle and Jardins Anglais.
This important décor precedes the concept and realization of the first scenic panoramic introduced by Dufour in 1804 with his “Voyages of Captain Cook”. Neo-classical scenes in grisaille tones, inspired by the Bagatelle gardens in Paris (Chinese bridge and pagoda) and the temple of love designed by Mique for the Petit Trianon, Versailles.

Wood-block printed in early technique of “joined papers”.
Each of 3 panels (a little over half of the full décor) are lined on linen canvas, stretcher and framed.
Condition excellent.